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Custom Dairy Farm Vizlink Board

Custom Dairy Farm Vizlink Board


Designed for:
• Dairy Farm
• Whole team visual communication
• large scale
• Accessible and easy to use.
At a glance:
• Visualise the farm layout
• Know where the cows are going and which supplements they require 
with a feed plan.
• Be aware of upcoming events 
• Pre-plan tasks and ensure work gets done with a job list.

• Large-scale 1200 x 800mm
• Waterproof (designed for farmers)
• High-quality laminate
• Care pack featuring three whiteboard markers, 
four joining screws and care instructions.
• Perfect for our NZ cowsheds

Price point depending on how many paddocks you have and detail level of the design: $899 - $1,799+gst, we would love to send you a quote.

Client also added 2x A4 pads of maps, 100 sheets $122.00+gst