On-site Aerial Mapping

Map your farm using on-site aerial mapping technology

Farm maps are essential for farm management and are ideal if you need high accuracy for product placement of fertiliser and precise details of where troughs and fence lines are. Having aerial images and accurate data can also be useful down the track if you decide to sell your farm.

How it works:

Our consultant will come to you and will capture high-resolution images of your farm using either a drone or an aeroplane depending on the size and location of your farm.

These images are then downloaded and stitched together by third-party software to produce an orthorectified image. The result is an accurate, detailed map of your farm.

You will get:

You will get:

• Outlines of your paddocks

• Sizes of your paddocks in hectares

• Accurate placement of water troughs, fence lines, and boundary lines

• Accurate placement of waterways

A beautiful aerial birds-eye view image and a few landscape shots of your farm.

The data is accurate to within 0.5m and height data is accurate to within 1m.

The benefits:

The benefits of Aerial GPS mapping:

One benefit is having accurate paddock sizes:

• Work out how much feed you are offering your animals.

• Know how much fertiliser needs to be applied.

• Know the exact hectares of your farm, not an estimate

Take your map even further with slope maps (which highlights areas above specific slopes) and contour maps.

Know anyone else in your region that needs their farm Aerial GPS mapped?

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"VizLink were amazing from the beginning. We initially rang up just wanting some pads of farm maps and we had a picture in our heads of what we wanted but VizLink took that to the next level and completely exceeded anything we had in mind. We had very little to give her to start with but VizLink took what we had and turned it into a very detailed map. The consultation and ongoing communication were fantastic and we would have no hesitation in recommending VizLink and Gemma to anyone. Thanks, VizLink (Gemma) for making this such a fun and stress-free process."

Sarah Jamieson 

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