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Gemma Adams

Gemma Adams

Graphic designer and farmer Gemma Adams, founded VizLink after seeing an opportunity to improve communication on her and husband Terry's South Taranaki farm.  A visual learner, Gemma drew from her experience and skills, developing whiteboards, checklists, signs and maps to communicate with staff, provide instruction and better organise the work day.

The tools proved  successful, not only improving productivity and farm safety, but most importantly, instilling confidence in their TEAM.  Wanting to share their success, Gemma took her designs, developed them further and now offers visual communication tools to farmers around the country.

Gemma is passionate about what she does and the benefits VizLink products can deliver.  She believes people are more efficient when they can visualise tasks and procedures - oral instruction is often not enough.

The biggest reward for Gemma since launching VizLink is knowing her tools are encouraging personal development and productivity around the workplace.