Lean Management

What is Lean?

With its origins in Toyota in the 1970's, Lean has been used for over 70 years. Today, it is a prevalent and proven management approach used by thousands of businesses globally. From start-ups to large corporate organisations, it aims to create and deliver products and services that customers value as efficiently and effectively as possible. It aims to achieve this by eliminating all waste and striving for perfection through continuous improvement. 

LeanFarm is the first comprehensive Lean training program, designed specially for dairy farmers. Dairy farming is a multi billion dollar industry, employing tens of thousands of people, producing billions of litres of milk annually and is a hugely important industry for the New Zealand economy. It is so important that the dairy industry can leverage best practices in order to be resilient and profitable and continue to grow and add value to the economy. 


Lean is the perfect management approach for both agricultural and commercial sectors. 


Lean helps to convert these business inputs such as people, machines and materials, through value adding processes in to the right outputs, as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Lean thinking can improve many of the problems that dairy farmers face every day. Long hours, high staff turnovers, repeat problems, breakdowns, wastage, safety and high costs are all factors that cause unnecessary stress for farmers. 

Learning how to see waste, work more efficiently, create engaged teams, be more productive and solve problems effectively, will save time and cost, improve business performance and create an all round better farm.