LINZ Aerial Imagery

Map your farm using LINZ Aerial Imagery (Orthorectified Imagery)

LINZ aerial imagery (orthorectified imagery) produces low-resolution images of your farm from the LINZ Data Service, which is an open-source authoritative national record of the country’s physical features.

It is a cost-effective method, providing a low level of detail to produce a simple, quality farm map.
The map shows the boundary and paddocks of your farm and is an ideal option if you want a farm map to support communication on your farm for a lower cost than using on-site aerial technology.

You will get:

  • Outlines of your paddocks
  • Size of your paddocks in hectares

Photos of the land are not included, but we can purchase a high-resolution image if required. If you have recently developed your farm, we will check how current the images are.

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How our maps are used

& Saftey

Farm maps are essential for the health and safety operations of your business.

With On-site Aerial mapping, you can choose to produce a map that highlights the different slopes and terrain of your farm, which is ideal for identifying areas that are too steep for staff to use bikes on.
We can also create custom icons or custom magnets for health and safety messages you want to communicate to staff and visitors to the farm. Bring us your needs and ideas and we will bring them to life.


“If I can’t picture it,
I can’t understand it”

Creating a map with either On-site Aerial Mapping or LINZ Aerial Imagery will mean fence lines, entrance ways, troughs are all accurately recorded allowing staff briefings to match what they will find out in the paddock.

Farm maps are ideal for the orientation of new staff and explaining tricky areas of the farm.

Staff can use your farm map as a reference when they are out on the farm.

You cannot be everywhere – we help you paint that picture for your team.

“We don’t simply provide a product, but a system to improve the way your business operates.”

Environmental Farm
Map Planning

We all know the importance of looking after our farm environment – let us help you clearly show in a visual way what you are doing. This is ideal to assist you when you are demonstrating to regulatory bodies what you have done and are currently doing on farm.

Accurately mark out waterways

Show areas of riparian planting

Show fence lines, especially around waterways

With On-site aerial mapping, you can choose to produce a slope map — identifying areas above certain degrees to comply with your council requirement.

"These guys are awesome. They worked very well with us to get the farm map we were looking for that now aids us in everyday communications with staff and contractors.

VizLink was very responsive, patient, open to changes without charging additional fees (we had many revisions), and has done a great job of the farm map. The map to date has proven very durable and worthy of the sometimes wet working environment. I would totally recommend VizLink and we will use them again for sure."

Wayne Balsom 

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