Farm Mapping


Thinking about getting a map created for your farm? 
Here is what you need to know:


Map your farm using LINZ Aerial Imagery (Orthorectified Imagery)

LINZ aerial imagery (orthorectified imagery) produces low-resolution images of your farm from the LINZ Data Service, which is an open-source authoritative national record of the country’s physical features. It is a cost-effective method, providing a low level of detail to produce a simple, quality farm map. The map shows the boundary and paddocks of your farm and is an ideal option if you want a farm map to support communication on your farm for a lower cost than using on-site aerial technology.

You will get:

  • Outlines of your paddocks
  • Size of your paddocks in hectares

Photos of the land are not included, but we can purchase a high-resolution image if required. If you have recently developed your farm, we will check how current the images are.

Already have a farm map but need some edits made?

Send it through and our team can redraw it for you! We can then take your map to the next level with our graphic design skills and can set you up with VizLink products.