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Farm Mapping

VizLink create farm maps using the latest in drone and satellite technology.  Drones capture hi-resolution imagery from the sky.  A consultant will visit your farm and capture photos which are then downloaded, digitally altered and made farm friendly. The result is an accurate, simplified graphic of your farm.

Satellite GPS technology produces low-resolution, detailed images of your farm from a remote computer.  It is a cost-effective and popular method, providing sufficient detail to produce a simple, quality farm map.

Plan work, record information, give direction and provide visual assistance to staff and visitors with a VizLink Farm Map.

  • Survey points captured on ground using GPS unit, points positioned across property.
  • Drone flies in a grid pattern over property, covering approximately 100ha per hour at 100m altitude.
  • Data is processed to create a high resolution aerial map for an accurate farm map base.
  • Additional services available from data set.
  • Data accurate to within 0.5 metre.
  • Height data accurate within 1 metre.
  • Created from latest satellite images.
  • Survey lines downloaded into PC via LINZ survey dept.
  • Processing combines data and creates farm map.
  • Data accurate to within 2 metres.
  • Height data accurate within 10 metres.

Print your map on a 1200x800mm whiteboard, include it in a Custom Planner, or create A4 or A3 pads of your map.

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Vizlink Pads of Maps
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