Our Products in Action

Colin White Dairy Farmer

Colin White talks about how VizLink has improved his business with their visual communications.

Bede Kissick Dairy Farmer

Kieran Bourke Dairy Farmer

"We need this farm to be run pretty simply, we need anyone.. to be able to walk into the shed and do the set up..milk the cows and do the wash up at the end. We tried a few different ways but we knew we needed something simple, effective and visual- we got VizLink in and everything is so clear detailed and numbered- the VizLink process was very easy!"

Tangaroa Walker Farm 4 Life

Founder of Farm 4 Life and The Hub talks with Gemma Adams Founder of VizLink

Farm 4 Life is a NZ education and entertainment bundle rolled into one amazing masterpiece by the one-of-a-kind dairy farmer Tangaroa Walker. We have teamed up with Tangaroa to join “The Hub” to offer visual communication solutions for farmers.


The Farm 4 Life HUB is an online video learning platform that delivers the education you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently, we’re approaching 1000 videos on the HUB with more added regularly, each with an accompanying quiz for knowledge testing. These videos feature leaders in the dairy industry and are split into Modules to keep important topics together such as Feeding, Calf Rearing, Machinery, Cow Shed Repairs & Maintenance, and dozens more.

From a multi-farm owner to an aspiring employee keen to enter the workforce, there’s something for everyone on the Farm 4 Life HUB.


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