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Custom Whiteboards

Your business, your design.  Whether you run a dairy farm or market garden, are looking to improve general productivity, or want to target an area of business such as health & safety,  VizLink has a whiteboard solution for you.

Custom create a Planner, Map or Management whiteboard using organisational tables, charts, and diagrams.
We'll visit take notes and create visual tools to improve communication, productivity and instill confidence in staff.

Printed on high quality, vinyl laminated ACM board, they're durable and long lasting. We also offer laser etching in black and white providing a more durable finish.
Our standard boards are 1200 x 800mm, but contact us if you're after something different. Add a logo, designed by us for you.

Visual communication will save you money: Using a custom VizLink whiteboard, our clients estimate they save 30 mins at morning briefings each day.
182 hours of labour or an average $13,000 each year!

The number of employee mistakes halved and staff reported higher confidence and efficiency levels. 

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The Dairy Planner Whiteboard
23 Magnetic interchangeable farm maps
Vizlink Pads of Maps
From $122.00 - $149.57
Portable whiteboard is attached with magnets