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23 Magnetic interchangeable farm maps

23 Magnetic interchangeable farm maps


Magnetic interchangeable farm maps, will you be moving farms?
Or changing paddock details in the future?
But still, want to start visual planning?

This is the product for you...

At a glance:
• Visualise the farm layout
• Know where the cows are going and which supplements they require 
with a feed plan.
• Be aware of upcoming events 
• Pre-plan tasks and ensure work gets done with a job list.


• 800x600mm interchangeable magnetic sheet with a whiteboard laminate. 
• Magnetic grid 2400 x 1200mm whiteboard
• High-quality laminate
• Care pack featuring three whiteboard markers,
four joining screws and care instructions.
• Perfect for our cowsheds

Price point depending on how many paddocks you have and detail level of the design: $899 - $1,699+gst

Also added 2x A4 pads of maps, 100 sheets