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June to June Year Planner | A2 Poster 420mm X 594mm

June to June Year Planner | A2 Poster 420mm X 594mm


June to June Year Planner | A2 Paper Poster

A2 Poster 420mm X 594mm

Designed for:
All farmers and all staff – anyone who is involved in the business and needs to know what’s going on during the year.

Keep your staff in the loop. Provide your staff with their own A2 planner that can be used in conjunction with your main planning whiteboard. Staff can update their own planner so they always know what’s coming up.

At a glance:

  • Know rostered days off of team members.
  • Mark out the planned start of calving, lambing and mating.
  • Add in dates for BCS and weighing stock.
  • Reminders for farm walks and consultant meetings.
  • Passing your knowledge onto the whole team, so everyone knows what’s happening on the farm and what they are involved in. 


  • A2 Poster size– 420mm X 594mm

Paper poster so you can write on it with a pen or pencil for this smaller size.

Cell sizes: 42x13mm

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